OSHA Assistance

Recordkeeping and Reporting

OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting requirements can be overwhelming.  Let us help.  We offer recordkeeping reviews and training that will ensure you are in compliance.  We provide advice on reporting requirements for serious accidents.

Post Incident Assistance

If your company has experienced a serious accident we can help you through the process.  Serious accidents require follow up, regulatory interactions and paperwork.  We can help.

Inspection Assistance

If you are going through an OSHA inspection, you need an expert on site during the inspection and after. We provide solutions for potential violations and solid advice to minimize penalties.

Citation Appeals

We provide assistance with the post inspection informal conference process, as well as with formally contesting alleged violations.

Citation Abatement Assistance

If your company has received OSHA citations for hazards, we can assist with your abatement, paperwork and required postings.  We also provide help to companies who wish to contest abatement issues.